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What are the 7 challenges for product business growth? Lots of companies would like to grow fast in an efficient way. Locally in their country or internationally. One great way is to build an indirect channel concept. Want to know more about this? Read below and download the whitepaper.


How great would it be to improve your product sales and grow efficiently and scalable? What we see is that companies are struggling to set-up or improve their indirect sales model. Want to learn within a day how to build the whole eco-system? Discover more below and enroll in the masterclass.

CCC Program

Do you really want to have access to all the tools and learn all the steps how to build an indirect sales model? Please follow first the Masterclass to experience the approach of the Channel Concept Company and to discover whether you are qualified with your company to access the whole exclusive program.

Why we do what we do 

We believe that the concept of an indirect sales model has the efficiency and scalability to let the sales grow exponentially. We as a company want to return all the knowledge we have gained the last 20+ years to make executives, management and companies successful in their business.

How we help our clients
with challenges

We support and actively coach executives, managers and entrepreneurs with the implementation of an efficient and scalable business model, to improve sales. During the CCC (Channel Concept Company) program, we guide you step by step through the 8 steps to build this concept. With presentations, exercises, workbook, external expert speakers and business coaching we support you in this journey.

What we do for
our clients!

We are sharing knowledge and experience via several media channels to support organisations in creating or improving their integrated indirect channel sales model. The result will be an efficient and scalable business model that accelerates your business growth.

Who we are

With more than 20 years of sales experience, management experience, channel experience and board member experience, Edwin always wants to make companies and resellers better and more successful. This combined with that Edwin is service oriented and Edwin likes to help people making vision by connecting them with other people.

The Channel Concept Company is founded in 2019 by Edwin Rubens.

What people say about Edwin Rubens

Reliable. No excuses, great results!

"I teamed with Edwin on several large customer engagements. His commercial drive, ability to build teams and focus on execution made him very successful in selling large projects to major customers. Reliable. No excuses, great results!"

Louis Hensen  //  Head of products Netherlands at Fujitsu. 7th of January 2019 on Linkedin.

Definitely recommended as a strong business professional...

"Edwin had a successful professional career in different sales and management roles across different parts of the Hewlett-Packard Company.

Since 2015, within the newly created HP Inc. organization, Edwin was appointed as the Channel Sales Manager for the Netherlands, responsible for both the distribution and reseller base as well as future channels. Next to this, he was part of the Country Management Team.

I started to know Edwin for his outstanding passion, integrity and drive, delivering strong results for the channel organization and being an active contributor to the management staff. Definitely recommended as a strong business professional."

Rob Idink  //  Managing Director, HP The Netherlands. 3rd of January 2019 on Linkedin.

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