Who we are

Channel Concept Company
is guided by three principles

Customer obsession

Think like the customer. Build solutions, services, and products with the customer in mind. What do they need to grow and be successful? We want to make customers and partners better. They are the reason why we exist. 

Passion for innovation

Keep inventing and never be satisfied with the status quo. Always be innovative in the things you make to support the partner and customer to become better. Do it differently and better than you initially thought it could be.

Long-term thinking

Keep in mind that the long term result is why we do it. To become efficient and scalable you have to have the basics right to be successful in the long run. Indirect business is a sustainable business model for now and the future. Take actions that support the long term success for your customers.

Leadership principles

  • Help each other to become successful and to operate in your strength
  • Be honest, open and transparent with each other
  • Have a trustworthy way of doing business
  • Treat colleagues and customers with respect
  • Pay attention to humans in the company
  • Act in a free way and create your own freedom
  • Be innovative in the things you do
  • Do things together
  • Give recognition to people

Awards & Recognitions

2017: Nominated for Dutch-IT Channel Award in the category “Channel Manager of the year 2017”.

2016: Winner Channel Manager of the year 2016, during Channelweb Channel Awards. Recognition award from the Dutch ICT market.

2011: Sales Manager Bootcamp, License to Manager, 1 of the first 5 Sales Managers to reach the Gold Member status in HP EMEA and 1 of the 25 that reached this status, out of 500 managers worldwide.

2010: Winners Summit achiever 2010, This is the award for the best 2% sales of HP worldwide.

2005: Winners Summit achiever 2005. This is the award for the best 4% sales of HP worldwide.

2003: Goldquest achiever 2003. This is the award for the best 4% sales of HP worldwide.

Building the future

Channel Concept Company will stay innovative in the future. Knowledge sharing is one of our main goals. We will do this in different ways.

A platform and knowledge database will be created for the channel industry on how to build and improve your channel organization and model.

Youtube and podcast technology will be used to share knowledge. We will also invite experts from the field to share their knowledge.